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About Krypton Energy

The Future of Energy Management

Krypton Energy is a leading UK based independent energy consultancy with a global operational footprint comprising service operations across all sectors of industry including the private, public and third sectors. We work with organisations of all sizes from governments, large institutions and blue-chip firms to small businesses and charities. Krypton Energy specialises in reducing both the cost as well as consumption of energy by delivering innovative energy management solutions and increasing energy efficiency. We do this by navigating complex and volatile business energy markets to ensure while our clients are hard at work creating profitable businesses, sustainable organisations and carbon compliant footprints, Krypton Energy is hard at work meeting our client’s organisational and energy needs.

Our expert consultants work closely with you to ensure not only do you use less energy, but also, make sure you pay less for the energy your business or organisation requires. By doing so, Krypton Energy optimises both economic and environmental value for clients. Our energy management services provide a complete end-to-end service for corporate or commercial energy users with a range of energy solutions on offer. Our renewable energy services harness the power of the natural world to help deliver sustainable alternatives to carbon emitting fossil fuels. No matter the size of your organisation, we can assist you in achieving the best energy solution tailored to your individual needs.


The energy sector plays a key role in economic prosperity not only in the UK, but across Europe and the rest of the world. Many factors including contract types, price inflation, population increases leading to greater energy demands, as well as the ever-changing nature of power generation, all impact the cost of energy and consequently, operating expenses and/or bottom line profits. Coupled with the complex and volatile nature of energy markets, these factors make saving money on energy costs an increasingly challenging proposition for organisations both small and large. Our UK service operations focus on analysing market dynamics to ensure our clients always achieve the best value for money in each of our service areas.


The global drive to achieve reliable, affordable and clean energy to power the planet’s energy needs has never been higher. Nonetheless, the disparity in energy generation between developed and emerging economies, with the latter’s reliance on carbon emitting fossil fuels to power economic growth, presents many challenges to ensuring the world generates sufficient levels of sustainable energy to power the global economy, without harming the planet. With global populations on the increase particularly in poorer countries, the need for greater energy generation will continue to intensify. Our international service operations focus on supporting emerging economies with integration or conversion to renewable energy sources through the installation of solar and wind infrastructure ensuring equitable energy distribution.


“Krypton Energy has been instrumental in managing one of the largest government commissioned energy infrastructure projects in Mozambique. The company’s experience and expertise has proven invaluable in terms of adding value to the project.”

Trogreen Energy, Mozambique

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