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Welcome to Krypton Energy

We are a leading independent energy consultancy specialising in a broad range of energy management and renewable energy services. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we operate across the UK, as well as abroad in Asia and Africa.

Energy Management

Our energy consultants have extensive experience in helping business clients achieve significant monthly savings on energy bills. We do this by reducing both consumption, as well as cost, to ensure your business improves its energy efficiency and maximises profits. Whether you’re a commercial or corporate organisation, our consultants can help you to secure the best plan for your energy needs. Krypton’s energy management services comprise procurement, bureau, compliance, metering, optimisation and water management. For full details of each, please visit our services page.

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Renewable Energy

Our renewable energy services offer corporate and commercial clients sustainable alternatives to energy generation from fossil fuels. We are committed to supporting the global drive by governments, institutions and the private and public sectors to achieve a sustainable transition to renewable sources. Our expertise in renewable conversion not only benefits business clients, but also, contributes to the reduction of global carbon levels. Krypton’s renewable energy services comprise solar, wind, kinetic power and waste thermal treatment. For full details of each, please visit our services page.

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“Krypton Energy literally kept the lights on for our organisation. Facing closure, we were unsure about how to deal with the burgeoning debt of energy bills that had accumulated over several years. Krypton’s energy consultant was able to mitigate our debt through an innovative energy management strategy, resulting in our debt being cleared and our monthly bills significantly reduced.” 

Chairman, Al-Birr Foundation UK

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