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Renewable energy

Renewable energy case studies

Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Mozambique

Krypton Energy has partnered with Trogreen Energy (a domestic turnkey provider of complete renewable energy systems) for delivery of a large scale solar PV project commissioned by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Mozambique. The project aims to generate 200MW of electricity to power industry and residential dwellings. Our specialist teams both in the UK and abroad, are overseeing the project and providing complete project management services, working alongside the national grid and local energy providers. Key project services include, concept development and site identification, pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, permitting, financing and contracts, and engineering, construction and commercial operation.

Frontier Works Organization

Krypton Energy has been commissioned by the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), a leading construction firm in Pakistan, to complete a solarisation project aimed at providing 24/7 energy generation to motorway service stations. Our expert consultants are working alongside officials from various organisational and municipal departments to develop multi-solutions hybrid energy generation systems. Using a mix of solarisation, battery powered energy and diesel generators, Krypton specialists will have successfully increased the region’s energy generation and supported the successful interim (partial) transition, to renewable sources. With our expert project management and energy solutions services, the region will see a significant drop in the level of carbon emissions.

Bahu Trust

The Bahu Trust is a registered UK charity founded in 1983 with circa 20 centres across Britain. With a large portfolio of operational buildings, the organisation not only consumed large amounts of energy but also, as a result, had significant overhead costs for usage. Kypton Energy was able to reduce both consumption and cost, through a number of interventions. Accessing financial capital from Krypton’s trusted partner Lombard Bank, allowed for the installation of solar panels across the entire property portfolio which in turn, reduced the need for energy from the national grid. Also, procurement and a mix of energy management services offered by Krypton specialists, helped to reduce consumption and cost, leading to real term monthly and annual savings.

Redeemed Christian Church of God

The Redeemed Christian Church of God is a renowned Church in Romford, England. As with many charitable organisation’s. the cost of energy was a significant overhead for the Church. Krypton’s experts were able to help reduce the burden of high utility bills by financing installation of solar panels to help the organisation generate it’s own electricity and sell back to the national grid. Not only did this reduce the cost of energy to the Church, it also provided a much needed additional source of income. The multi-team interventions made by our consultants from Krypton’s different divisions including finance, procurement, renewable energy etc, has helped the organisation to increase its power output by 50KW, making it not only more financially sustainable, but also energy sustainable.