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Energy management

Energy Management case studies


Gastronomy runs a chain of 43 fast food outlets which include brand names such as KFC and Starbucks. Year-on-year, the company accrued significant accumulated energy costs resulting from the volume of sites under operation. The total cost of energy was significantly impacting the company’s bottom line profits. Krypton’s energy management consultants were able to provide a range of integrated solutions which not only reduced energy leakage, but also, reduced consumption. Consequently, operating overheads came down significantly after Krypton’s intervention. Our specialists introduced the company to renewable alternatives coupled with smart energy management solutions to optimise usage. The net result was a 50% reduction in overall energy costs.

Fabric Nightclub

Fabric first opened in 1999 as a contemporary entertainment space of the Metropolitan Cold Stores in Farringdon, London. Having been introduced to Krypton’s energy management solutions team, our experts were able to identify two main issues with the client’s energy contract. Both issues related to different fixed rate terms. Our data analysts worked alongside the client to optimise energy usage, as well as to make alterations to contract terms that led to a 50% reduction in overheads for the first of the two fixed rate services, and significant annual savings in the overall cost of energy bills.

Al-Birr Foundation

Al-Birr Foundation is a charitable organisation based in Leyton, East London. Upon instructing Krypton’s energy consultants to manage and mitigate an accrued debt of £450K accumulated over 33 years, our experts were faced with several challenges. The main issue was establishing the client’s billing identity. Our specialists contacted the national grid, distribution network and energy suppliers yet, the absence of a meter point reference (MPR) made site identification an almost impossible task. Having succeeded in establishing the MPR, Krypton Energy was able to transfer the client to a new supplier willing to provide a contract that met the organisation’s needs. Krypton Energy was also successful in writing off the client’s total debt of £450K.

Adams Cash & Carry

Adams Cash & Carry of Peterborough is a well established family run business catering for the food industry for well over 20 years. The organisation runs a busy large-scale wholesale operation with an inevitable need for significant energy supply. Having initially carried out a half-hourly data analysis to determine energy usage patterns, our experts were able to identify a number of key issues that were contributing to higher than necessary energy costs. Our energy consultants subsequently conducted grid studies, business structure analysis and an asset audit, in order to support the client to significantly reduce billing overheads. As a result, Krypton Energy was able to save the business 30% in annual energy expenses.